Save Money on Flights, Car Rentals, and Travel with VyprVPN

October 26, 2014

Some companies use data about your location and IP address to determine how much to charge you for flights, car rentals, and other online travel purchases. With VyprVPN you can obtain an IP address from locations around the world and find the cheapest prices.

We put VyprVPN to the test and prices changed by more than:

  • $2000 on flights using
  • $400 on car rentals using

How much is your location costing you?

We connected to VyprVPN server locations in different countries and recorded prices for each location in our infographic, which is displayed below. Learn how you can save money on flights, car rentals and other travel purchases by using VyprVPN. Happy savings!

“Is Your Location Costing You? Save Money on Travel with VyprVPN”

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